1-20 | Daeida Hartell Wilcox Beveridge /Amelia Swilley Bingham
Hicksville, Ohio

Side A | Daeida Hartell Wilcox Beveridge

Born in Hicksville in 1862, Daeida H.W. Beveridge co-developed and named, in 1887, the Los Angeles, California, suburb of Hollywood, since the early 1900s a world center of the film and television industry. With first husband H.H. Wilcox, she led development efforts there, and was instrumental in establishing much of the civic infrastructure, including the city hall, library, police station, primary school, city park, and much of the commercial district. Remarried to the son of a California governor after Wilcox's death, she continued to promote Hollywood until her death in 1914.

Sponsors: Ohio Bicentennial Commission, The Longaberger Company, Hicksville Historical Society, Hicksville Elementary School, Hicksville Rotary


Side B | Amelia Swilley Bingham

One of the prominent Broadway actors of her era, Amelia Swilley Bingham was born in Hicksville in 1869 and began her theatrical career here. Moving to New York, she debuted on Broadway in 1893 at the Bijou Theatre and achieved wide acclaim for her performances. Bingham later leased the theater and formed her own theatrical stock company, while continuing to act in her own productions. As a pioneering woman producer and director, Bingham served as the first president of the Professional Woman's League. She died in New York in 1927.


This marker is situated outside of St. John's Church in Hicksville. Although it does not appear that either subject had a specific correlation to this church or plot of land; it does seem appropriate that these regarded women from this small town are commemorated on one of the main drags, and outside of this historic structure. 

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