11-15 | Harvey S. Firestone
Columbiana, Ohio

Side A & B | Harvey S. Firestone

Inventor, industrialist, and philanthropist, Harvey Samuel Firestone (1868-1938) was born on a nearby farm in 1868 and attended school in Columbiana. He founded the Firestone Tire and Rubber Company in 1900 and soon after developed a method for mass-producing tires for the infant automobile industry. Continuing innovation and steady contracts with large automakers led to the company's lasting success. Firestone Park is his lasting legacy to Columbiana. The Firestone family's monument is located in nearby Columbiana Cemetery.

Sponsors: The Ohio Bicentennial Commission, The Longaberger Company, Historical Society of Columbiana/Fairfield Township, and The Ohio Historical Society



This marker sits in the Columbiana park named after the famed native: Harvey Firestone. Mr. Firestone was not only the founder of Firestone Tire and Rubber Company, but an important philanthropist in the area. The monument mentioned in the text on the marker is located in the cemetery that is directly across the street from the park entrance.

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