16-15 | Ohio's Gateway
East Liverpool, Ohio

Side A & B | Ohio's Gateway

Fawcettstown, later to become East Liverpool, marked the first Ohio community to be encountered by early river travelers as they headed toward new challenges and new lives in the expanding nation. Indian canoes, flatboats, and steamboats carried increasing traffic, both passenger and freight, along these Ohio "Gateway" shores. Many of these early craft were built locally and local residents served as crewmen. Products from farms and ceramics from this city's pioneer potteries were shipped from this site. The wharf area also served as a landing place for many of the early English potters who came here to ply their trades and, in the process, create a defining industry. The river continues to play an important role in industrial and recreational capacities.

Sponsors: Ohio Bicentennial Commission, Tall Stacks, Inc., East Liverpool Historical Society, and The Ohio Historical Society



This marker is found down at the wharf in East Liverpool. It is also home to marker #13-15: The Pottery Capital of America. These markers capture the important role the river played in the history and industry of East Liverpool, and are situated on a great park called Broadway Wharf. (I’m sure it would be lovely in the summer, but we couldn’t enjoy it with the snowy weather).

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