32-50 | Crandall Park- Fifth Avenue Historic District
Youngstown, Ohio

Side A | Crandall Park - Fifth Avenue Historic District

Crandall Park is the heart of the historic district and includes Fifth Avenue, Redondo Road, Catalina Avenue, and Tod Lane. Most of the district's historic structures were built between 1904 and 1930, Youngstown's heyday as an urban and industrial center. The district encompasses 92 houses, 32 outbuildings, a pavilion and rustic stone shelter in Crandall Park, and the concrete arch bridge carrying Fifth Avenue over the park. The North Heights Land Company and the Realty Guarantee Trust Company developed much of the neighborhood. Homes in the district were built for the city's prominent industrialists and businessmen. The houses feature the work of architects Morris Scheibel, Charles F. Owsley, Fred Medicus, Barton Brooke, and Cook and Canfield and are distinguished by their grand scale, high-style design, spacious lots, landscaping, and orientation to the park or boulevard roads. (Continued on other side)

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Side B | Crandall Park - Fifth Avenue Historic District

(Continued from other side) Houses in the district exhibit a variety of styles: English Revival, Colonial Revival, Arts and Crafts, Spanish Colonial Revival, American Four-Square, and Chateauesque. The house at 1411 Fifth Avenue, built in 1904, is the earliest house in the district and displays elements of both the English Revival and Craftsman-styles. Oak Manor, at 1508-1510 Fifth Avenue was built around 1905 and later inhabited by Thomas Bray, president of Republic Iron and Steel Co. Other prominent residents of the district included Frank Purnell, Youngstown Sheet and Tube's president, Edward Clark, Newton Steel's president, George Brainard, General Fireproofing's president, state representative and attorney William R. Stewart, and Philip Wick, Myron Arms, Charles Schmutz, Almon Frankle, Joseph Schwebel, Bert Printz, and Joseph Lustig


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