4-15 | First Paper Mill / Little Beaver Creek Bridge
East Liverpool, Ohio

Side A | First Paper Mill

The first paper mill in Ohio and the Northwest Territory was established in the valley below in 1807 by John Coulter of Virginia, Jacob Bowman and John Bever of Pennsylvania. The mill was in St. Clair Township on the East bank of Little Beaver Creek.

Called "The Ohio Paper Mill," the firm produced handmade rag paper in a stone building until the early 1830's. The firm's watermark was a spread eagle, the word Ohio and the initials of the proprietors. C. B. & B.

Sponsors: The Ohio Historical Society, The East Liverpool Historical Society, The Northern Covered Bridge Society


Side B | Little Beaver Creek Bridge

Near this place in Liverpool Township where the old road, from New Lisbon to Georgetown, Pennsylvania, now abandoned, crossed Little Beaver Creek, is the site of the earliest known covered bridge in Ohio. The abutment, still standing on the west bank of the creek, is the only physical evidence remaining of this structure built in 1809 by John Bever and Thomas Moore. Erected as a toll bridge, authorized by an act of Legislature, it was donated to Columbiana County about 1832.


This marker sits on Rt. 430. Neither the Little Beaver Creek Bridge or the First Paper Mill are still standing, but the adventurous soul may still find remnants of them or their foundations in the gorge below.

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