6-15 | Firestone Homestead, 1828
Columbiana, Ohio

Side A & B | Firestone Homestead, 1828

Birthplace on December 20, 1868, of Harvey S. Firestone, founder of The Firestone Tire and Rubber Company. One of the first brick houses in Columbiana County, it was built in 1828 by Harvey S. Firestone's great-grandfather, Nicholas Firestone, who acquired title to 640 acres in 1804 by a land grant signed by Thomas Jefferson, President of the United States, and James Madison, Secretary of State.

Sponsors: The Ohio Historical Society



When we started this journey, we realized that this marker was missing from the original site. We had gone out to seek this missing marker multiple times to no avail. It was once standing (we believe) on Route 14 just across from Firestone Farms. There was once a homestead museum in the ‘70s at that location, but the house was moved to the Henry Ford Museum in Deerborn, Michigan. Our best guess is that the marker went with the building or is sitting in a garage somewhere collecting dust.

A year and a half after our first attempts, we saw a new mural at the Main Street Common in downtown Columbiana on the side of a building. It is located on South Main Street between Mulberry Alley and Friend Street. This mural contains an image of the marker. Though it was a great find, and we are ecstatic to see the text after all of our searching, it would be even better to find the original. If anyone has any other information on this site and marker please contact us! It would be great to erect the original or a copy near the site!

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