9-50 | Hopewell Furnace
Struthers, Ohio

Side A & B | Hopewell Furnace

The Hopewell Furnace, constructed by Daniel and James Eaton in 1802, began operation in 1803. This blast furnace, the first in Ohio and one of the first west of the Allegheny Mountains marked the beginning of the iron and steel industry in the Mahoning Valley. The Eaton brothers operated the furnace until 1808, producing approximately two tons of iron per day. Archaeological and metallurgical investigations suggest the furnace is the earliest in North America known to have used a combination of bituminous coal and charcoal for fuel in iron making.

Sponsors: The Ohio Bicentennial Commission, Mill Creek Metroparks, and the Ohio Historical Society



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Historic Photo of Hopewell Furnace

Source: Struthers Historical Society