1,465 OR BUST
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Not too long ago, while planning a trip to The Serpent Mound, one of us (neither will fess up to it) proposed the idea of trying to visit all of The Ohio Historical Markers during one calendar year. This is clearly a silly idea in that one calendar year is not enough time to visit roughly 1,500 markers (now up to about 1,700) with our unpredictable schedules. So the plan became to visit all of the markers in as an expedient time frame as possible. But with so many markers, this may take a while.

The Ohio Historical Markers program, begun in the 1950s, encompasses over 1,500 unique markers that tell the state's history as written by its communities. Markers are erected by local community sponsors in partnership with the Ohio History Connection and describe the people, places, things, and events of Ohio's past. Between 20 and 30 new markers are completed each year. (Ohio History Connection)

According to Remarkable Ohio (the database the Ohio History Connection links to) there were 1,465 markers when we started this project; hence the name. We are currently using this database for our primary source of information, being that it is the most complete list available to us at the moment.


We are two Ohio natives (currently residing in Pittsburgh) with a passion for all things history, Appalachia, and rustbelt.


J's interest in Ohio history peaked after spending seven years studying art abroad. Upon returning home to Ohio he quickly realized how little of the state he truly knew. 

N is an academic historian by trade with firm roots in local history, public history, and community engagement. N is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Public History at Duquesne University. 


1,465 or Bust was created to share our personal experiences exploring Ohio Historical Markers and to encourage others to explore and learn about their local history in their own backyards! 

We kind of feel like we've created our own hobby (marker hunting), and we believe it's one that anyone can enjoy. Currently we are trying to create a user friendly database of the markers we have visited. Complete with good photos, historical context, and GPS pins for each marker (which can be found on the county map) marking their exact sites. 

Thank you for following our journey!

See you at the next marker