Columbiana County

County #15

Explore our record of Columbiana County's markers through our notes, map, and photos.

Columbiana County was established in 1803 and named after Christopher Columbus and Queen Anne. Its first western visitors date back to Christopher Gist in 1750 and George Washington in 1770. Thomas Hutchins began the first federal land survey in Columbiana County as a result of the land ordinance of 1785. After that, Ohio experienced one of the country’s first expressions of westward expansion with the area that would be Columbiana County as one of the primary points of ingress. Thanks to such expansion, Columbiana County developed as a national center of industry, natural resource production, and local farming. Columbiana has produced such influential figures as Harvey Firestone, Edwin Stauton, and Marcus Alonzo Hanna.


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