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"Are We Diluting History?": Our Conference Experience

Hi everyone! Now that things have seemed to calm down a bit after Duquesne University's Graduate Student Research Symposium and the National Council on Public History's annual meeting, we are excited to bring you some of Nicole (Niki) Slaven's (1,465 or Bust's co-founder and admin) research that has been featured at these events. While the research is still in progress, the following documents will hopefully give you insight into what she has been working on. If you would like to discuss her research further; feel free to reach out to us at any time!

The poster

Niki's first stop was Duquesne's Graduate Student Research Symposium. She presented her research on a poster titled, "Are We Diluting History?" and won the McAnulty College of Liberal Arts award and one of the History Department's Clio awards for her research.

Niki Presenting her research at GSRS

The next stop was the annual National Council on Public History conference in Hartford, CT. We met so many wonderful people at the NCPH conference, and Niki's poster received a lot of traffic and riveting interactions. The connections we made were priceless; and the conversations we had continue to push our passion surrounding the 1,465 or Bust project!

Niki presents her research at the NCPH poster session

Premiering the new website and passing out business cards at NCPH

If you would like to learn more, Niki had the honor of publishing a short article (that you can read and/or download here) on her research for Duquesne University's online scholarship database.

This is just the beginning of our research on state historical markers, and Niki has been so thankful to use her degree, schooling, and profession to discuss her hobbies and get others in public history interested! Keep following our journey to see more about Ohio Historical Markers and Niki's research.

See you at the next marker!


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