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First off, welcome!

We are so honored that you are checking out our passion project. For those of you who do not know who we are, be sure to check out our "About Us" tab! The short story is that we (1,465 or Bust) are comprised of two local history buffs and a dog who love a good road trip and our home state: Ohio. Because of these interests, we have built ourselves a new hobby in marker hunting. Not only are we attempting to visit all of the Ohio Historical Markers throughout our great state, but we are also aiming to embrace the culture and local experiences of each county we visit while using an old fashioned paper map. In the end, we have decided to share all of these crazy adventures with all of you!

After a brief stint with a wordpress blog, we quickly realized that we needed something a little more substantial to share our stories. Enter: this website! While it is still a work in progress, we are hoping that this will become a user friendly database for all of the markers we have visited. That means that it will always be updating with new markers as we visit. Please be sure to sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know when new markers are added (and that way you will never miss an update). We also strive for our database to give you an ideal amount of information on each marker: with good photos, historic context, notes, and exact pins on our county google maps.

We hope that by creating this project and website that we will encourage others to get out and find the history in their own backyards. Local history is so important; and is often so overlooked.

In the future we are hoping to add more features including curated road trips, our favorite museums/hang-outs/diners/etc. in each county, and even fundraising for new Ohio Historical Markers.

Once more, thank you so much for checking out our website and supporting our passion project. This website is very new (and we have no prior experience in creating web pages..) so there may be some glitches, broken links, missing information, etc. If you run across this please let us know! We are always open to criticism, as we are trying to make this site as user friendly as possible. Also remember to contact us with any information on Ohio Historical Markers, or any questions that you have: we are more than willing to help!

Remember to sign up for our newsletter and to follow us on your favorite social media site.

See you at the next marker!


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